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by Nicholas Drayson

A quirky, fun, and delightful novel. Yes, novel.

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by Richard Ground

A photographic exploration of the wildlife of Grand Cayman.

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by Frances Backhouse

A very good overview of the owl family and introduction to North America’s representatives.

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This book, by Andrew Nikiforuk, is available for free as a pdf download. You need to hurry, though, it’s only available through March 20 (that’s tomorrow, as I write this). This is a very important, and controversial, issue that directly impacts birds and other wildlife, and indirectly affects every living thing on this planet. Here […]

A biannual magazine dedicated to creative writing dealing with birds.

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This may be of interest to anyone in the Atlanta area at the end of this month. John Yow, the author of The Armchair Birder, will be discussing his book. I’ve been curious about the book since it was listed on Amazon, so I’m hoping to be able to make it to the presentation. Here’s […]
Princeton has just published a wonderful Encyclopedia of Birds. I just wanted everyone to be aware that it appears to be a softcover version of the 2003 Firefly Encyclopedia of Birds. I do not know if it has been updated in any way, but from a quick glance it looks the same. I think it’s […]

by Tim Birkhead

What we know about birds, their biology, and behavior. And the even more fascinating story behind that knowledge.

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