I’m honored to have been asked to contribute to the North American Birding blog. Most of my posts will probably have something to do with books (big surprise). My first one is up – Bird Conservation – It’s Up to You

I’m hosting the latest edition of the I and the Bird blog carnival at Birds on the Brain. Naturally, I had to work bird books into it, pairing the submissions with an appropriate title. So check it out, there are lots of worthwhile submissions.

I finally started a separate blog for non-book stuff – trip reports, news, and the like. I’m not abandoning this site, though it may feel like I already have with as little time as I’ve had to devote to it lately. I’ll try to post more regularly, I promise.

Anyway, come by and check it out – Birds on the Brain.

Just in case you also read something other than bird books (even I do, on occasion :) ), check out the latest book review blog carnival.

For a great selection of posts from birding blogs around the web, check out the 71st issue of I and the Bird.

As a bonus, the compiler of this issue has included many great literary quotes, many of which are about birds.