Bird Book Reviews

  • Yahoo birdbooklist group – A fantastic resource to get news and reviews, as well as to ask questions.
  • BirdForum – The Books discussion forum here is another great place for news, reviews, etc. Also check out all the other subforums for more great info on optics, etc.
  • Avian Books – Many book reviews, and lists of available books by region and topic. A great resource!
  • The Well-read Naturalist – Reviews of all kinds of natural history books.
  • FatBirder – The bottom-right of the main page has the most recent reviews. Also check out the review archives for many more. And finally check out the rest of the site for great world birding information.
  • Surfbirds – The review archives contains book and equipment reviews. They also have a book review forum. The site also contains news, trip reports, and other great stuff.
  • SORA – The Searchable Ornithological Research Archive allows you to search or browse online copies of several journals. Most of these (especially The Auk, Condor, and Wilson Bulletin) usually have a book review section. Many of the books reviewed are pretty technical but plenty of more accessible ones are included also.
  • Birder’s World – Some of this magazine’s reviews are available online here.
  • British Birds – Reviews from the British Birds magazine are available online here.
  • – Birding – Some great, detailed reviews here.
  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology – Reviews from their Living Bird magazine.
  • Mostly NF – Reviews of non-fiction books, including a few on birds.
  • Books and Beasts – As the name suggests, a blog about animal books (though mostly non-avian).

Bird Blogs with Reviews



  • Princeton University Press – Publishes of a ton of books on birds and natural history. Their site has reviews and excerpts for most of their books.
  • Handbook of the Birds of the World (HBW) – Lynx Edicions publishes this series as well as other books. If you’re not familiar with the HBW, go to this site and take a look at them. They are not cheap, but they are perhaps the best bird books ever.

Where to Buy

  • (Birdwatching section) – Has pretty much everything, and if you sort by Publication Date this is a good way to discover upcoming books.
  • Buteo Books – Specializes in bird books. They have current and out-of-print/rare books.
  • Booksforever – Specializes in bird books related to Australia.
  • NHBS – A UK-based site that has an AMAZING selection of bird books from all over the world.