New Birding App for iOS – Count Circle

Count Circle iOS appCount Circle

From Stevens Creek Software:

If you’re involved with Christmas or Breeding Bird Counts, the boundaries of your count circle are always of interest, and sometimes unclear. Count Circle includes the complete National Audubon database of CBCs, with a total of 2429 different count circles in 72 different states and territories including Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, and Antarctica. Lookup and display any count circle on an interactive map, and find out exactly what is (and is not) included in the circle. The software also displays your current location, so you can determine precisely if you are inside or outside the count circle as you are doing your count.

You can also use Count Circle just to view the different circles, to help you decide which ones you might like to participate in.

If you have reason to believe the database is in error, Count Circle lets you set the center of the circle, then update the database, and even, if you choose to do so, report the revision directly to National Audubon.

You can also create and save your own circles, and even choose your own radius (in miles or kilometers)! Great for “patch challenges.”


Looks like a very useful app for bird counters.

Posted by Grant McCreary on January 28th, 2013.

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