New Book: The Birder’s Guide to Africa

The Birder's Guide to AfricaThe Birder’s Guide to Africa
by Michael Mills

From Go-Away-Birding:

The first comprehensive summary of bird watching in the African region, featuring:

  • An Introduction with an analytical overview of birding in the region, including heat maps to illustrate the birding potential of territories within the region.
  • Country Accounts for all 68 territories that comprise the region, detailing information on birds and birding (including lists of key species), travel and literature.
  • Family Accounts for all 142 bird families recorded from the region, with photographs.
  • Species Accounts for all 2,792 bird species, including information on where to best see them.


Are you planning to travel to Africa, or considering doing so? And if so, have you never been to Africa, or have only been to one or two times? If you ansered yes to both of these questions, then you absolutely need this book. It will help you determine where on the continent you should go, based on a number of criteria. And it will help familiarize you with the types of birds you will see there, which is nice because Africa has a multitude of unique families.


The Birder’s Guide to Africa
by Michael Mills
Paperback; 544 pages
Go-Away-Birding; August, 2017
ISBN: 9780620717250

Posted by Grant McCreary on December 15th, 2017.

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