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I missed April, so this Review Roundup will cover both April and May. I’ve still probably overlooked a couple, but here’s a long list of some pretty impressive reviews. The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America, Second edition & The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Western North America, Second edition 10,000 […]
Actually, this is more a list of my favorite bird books of the year. I saw many books in 2015, but not nearly all of them. Certainly not enough to claim this list as comprehensive.   Water Babies: The Hidden Lives of Baby Wetland Birds by William Burt Wonderful photos of baby ducks, grebes, shorebirds, […]
Here are the bird book reviews posted online during November and December. Better Birding: Tips, Tools, and Concepts for the Field Another Bird Blog National Parks Traveler Offshore Sea Life ID Guide: West Coast and East Coast The Well-read Naturalist Project Puffin: The Improbable Quest to Bring a Beloved Seabird Back to Egg Rock American […]

by Gerrit Vyn and The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Filled with incredible photographs, this book is a celebration of birds and a call to protect them.

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The Living Bird: 100 Years of Listening to Nature by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Gerrit Vyn From Mountaineers Books: Foreword by Barbara Kingsolver Over 250 images by renowned photographer Gerrit Vyn Essays by Jared Diamond, John W. Fitzpatrick, Lyanda Lynn Haupt, and Scott Weidensaul An intimate and stunning exploration of North American birds, […]