Review Roundup - Category Archive

This edition of Review Roundup is much later than usual, as I’ve been spending much of my free time transcribing notes and entering data from my Peru trip. But now that I’m done, I can get on with other things…like actually reading and reviewing books :)

Wow, lots of shiny reviews this month.

Here are the bird book reviews from elsewhere last month. But first, here’s a great list of the best bird books of 2013.

Not many reviews last month. But I can’t say anything, I didn’t do much over the holidays either!

Here are the bird book reviews that I found last month.

Not as many bird book reviews last month, but some very good ones.

The month started slow, but then picked up nicely.

Some reviews from last month.

There were lots of reviews last month. Unsurprisingly, most of them were of the excellent The Warbler Guide.

Yay, bird book reviews!