Review Roundup

I had a really busy summer, so when I realized I hadn’t posted this round-up for July, I thought, “I’ll just double up on July and August.” Well, it’s now 9 days into September and I’m just now posting it. I suck. Sorry.

Here are the bird book reviews I found online last month.

Here are the bird book reviews that I found around the net last month.

Glad to see many bird book reviews last month.

Here are bird book reviews from around the web from February (because I forgot to do it then) and March.

From Florida to Hawaii to New Guinea; hummingbirds to kestrels; checklists to novels – there’s something in January’s reviews for everyone.

Here are the last of the bird book reviews from 2014. Looking forward to many more in 2015.

With the holidays and everything else going on, I totally forgot to post this :(

Tons of reviews this month. When I started this site almost eight years ago, having so many bird book reviews published in a month would have been…well, it just didn’t happen. Say what you want about the rest of the Internet (do we really need a quiz to find out what obscure Saturday-morning cartoon character you are?), but I’m glad that we now have so much information about the books out there.

A nice mixture of new and older books were reviewed this past month.