Review Roundup

I missed April, so this Review Roundup will cover both April and May. I’ve still probably overlooked a couple, but here’s a long list of some pretty impressive reviews.

From North America to Madagascar, from beginners to experts, there’s a bird book reviewed last month for everyone.

Field guides, bird-finding guides, even treatises on the beginnings of birding in the New World – a wide variety of books were reviewed last month.

Relatively few reviews this month, but of some good books.

Here are the bird book reviews posted online during November and December.

Where did this year go? Already over a week into November before I even realized it…

Here are the bird book reviews from September, for your reading pleasure.

I had a really busy summer, so when I realized I hadn’t posted this round-up for July, I thought, “I’ll just double up on July and August.” Well, it’s now 9 days into September and I’m just now posting it. I suck. Sorry.

Here are the bird book reviews I found online last month.

Here are the bird book reviews that I found around the net last month.