Review Roundup

Here are bird book reviews from around the web from February (because I forgot to do it then) and March.

From Florida to Hawaii to New Guinea; hummingbirds to kestrels; checklists to novels – there’s something in January’s reviews for everyone.

Here are the last of the bird book reviews from 2014. Looking forward to many more in 2015.

With the holidays and everything else going on, I totally forgot to post this :(

Tons of reviews this month. When I started this site almost eight years ago, having so many bird book reviews published in a month would have been…well, it just didn’t happen. Say what you want about the rest of the Internet (do we really need a quiz to find out what obscure Saturday-morning cartoon character you are?), but I’m glad that we now have so much information about the books out there.

A nice mixture of new and older books were reviewed this past month.

Not many reviews this month. Hopefully I didn’t overlook many…

Here are some more great reviews from around the net.

Sorry for the late post, hopefully I didn’t miss many reviews from last month.

A while back the American Birding Association announced that it would no longer be publishing book reviews in Birding, its flagship magazine, in favor of posting them on its new blog. I wasn’t too sure about that. These were consistently the best reviews around, written by very knowledgeable (dare I say “famous”) birders, and were the first thing I read in every issue of Birding. It was my goal to one day have a review published in this magazine. I was concerned that the quality of the reviews would decline after the change. After all, anyone can post reviews online (I should know). But I’m happy to say that my fear was unfounded. For proof, just read the three reviews on the ABA Blog linked below. Seriously, you should read them. But don’t stop there, the other reviews here are also worth reading. These are some of the best bird book reviews you’re going to find. Enjoy.